Jones Jason - Trailer Park Zombies

Trailer Park Zombies

Год выхода: 2009
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On the night of his 16th birthday Duke Johnson and his friends go out joyriding near the local cemetery. After a friend's horrific rape, Mason -the school bully- is killed in a tragic accident.Duke, Fannie Mae, and Barrett, go home to the Rosie Acres Trailer Park and desperately try to figure out how to keep themselves out of trouble. This could wreck any chance for a future and ruin their one hope of getting out of the trailer park.What they don't realize is that Mason has come back from the dead and he hungers for flesh. And revenge.The trailer park is cut off from the world and over the course of the rest of that fateful weekend the inhabitants try to fend off the ravenous zombies. Most are eaten, then killed, then rise back 

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