The Second Summoning
Год выхода: 2001
Серия: Keeper's chronicles (#2)
After closing the portal to hell, Claire and her talking cat, Austin, acquired a new companion--Dean, who was a Bystander and should not have remembered Keepers existed. But with Dean around, and a little of her sister Diana's meddling--the world is heading for Chaos, and Claire is about to face a challenge beyond her wildest imagination. Sequel to "Summon the Keeper".
Long Hot Summoning
Год выхода: 2003
Серия: Keeper chronicles (#3)
In Tanya Huff's delightful new follow-up to her acclaimed bestsellers, Summon the Keeper The Second Summoning a force from the Otherside threatens to break through to our world and destroy the balance between Light and Darkness. Unless, of course, the Keepers Claire and Diana-two sisters who are able to reweave the possibilities of time and space-can prevent a permanent rift between the local shopping mall.
Summon the Keeper
Год выхода: 2007
Being one of the Earth's protectors is never easy, but when Claire the Keeper and Austin the cat find themselves in charge of the Elysian Fields Guesthouse Bed and Breakfast, all Hell breaks loose in the form of a gateway residing in the basement! Do not miss the latest from one of the top writers in the fantasy genre! * Compares to best-selling fantasy authors Mercedes lackey and Charles deLint * Tanya Huff's DAW books were chosen by the New York Public Library system as part of their Books for...